Ready for Hillary?

Some old friends have started an organization to encourage my wife’s future residency, but they called it “Ready for Hillary.”  If you’re “ready” for something, doesn’t that usually imply that what you’re ready for isn’t unambiguously good?  I’m ready to go on a diet but I don’t have to be ready to eat chocolate cake.  I always want chocolate cake!

I know you can also be ready for something in the sense of preparing long and hard for it.  I was ready to take the bar exam because I had studied long and hard.  I doubt my wife’s supporters have studied long enough to know what they’re claiming to be ready for.  She’s not the sweet old lady she appears to be.

To those of you who say you’re “ready” for Hillary, thank you so much.  Maybe she can go live with you because I’m NOT ready for her.  Bring me Miley Cyrus instead.


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